James Naudé (Jaco)

Information Technology Support to Chemcoolweb

James (Jaco) is larger than life in more ways than one. Passion, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail are only a few of Jaco’s strengths within the workplace. Well-versed in the current latest industry trends and threats, Jaco is an approachable, customer-oriented team player. Throughout his working experience, he has not succumbed to any challenge set before him – and this is predominantly because of his outlook on facing challenges, which is that each challenge is an opportunity for learning, testing oneself, and pushing the boundaries of experience.

Jaco has taken the senior lead on infrastructure installation projects of medical facilities with a national footprint, engaging with both end-users and suppliers, ensuring seamless integration from outdated set-ups to industry-leading infrastructure. Taking responsibility for new client contracts from initiation to maintenance has become a cornerstone of Jaco’s reputation with customers and industry role-players alike. Jaco has a keen interest in self-development and ensures that he is on-point with the industry’s latest news and developments.

Personal Skills

▪ Interpersonal Skills

▪ Communication Skills

▪ Self-Motivated

▪ Organizational skills

▪ Strong Work Ethic

▪ Analytical &Problem-Solving Skills

Technical Skills

▪ Systems Support Technician

▪ IT Network Technician

▪ Computer Hardware Technician

▪ IT Customer Support Liaison

▪ Information Security Engineer

▪ IT Security Analyst


▪ MSC Business College -2017

FET Certificate: Information Technology (Technical Support)

▪ MSC Business College -2018

FET Certificate: Information Technology (Systems Development)